by menonmyth

rafael said he had a family gathering to attend
a birthday, one from the in-laws side,
they all lived in the same city
rafael, his wife, the birthday people.
celebrations began at 6
customary cake,
the bubbles bursting out of a prosecco
silverware moving immaculately
to slice through the medium-rare steak.

this is a family
connected through space and time.
no one likes one another.

mia has no family gathering to attend
her family is 10,000 miles around the globe
her parents, sexagenarians
celebrated birthdays alone and dry,
without the western tradition of cutting cake.
the only person who visited routinely
was the cat, sitting by the window
waiting for fresh cat food
or the occasional steamed fish.

this is a family
displaced through space and time.
everyone likes each other.