Khasak and a little bit of O.V

by menonmyth

he keeps coming back
with his celebrated book ‘khasakkinte itihasam’
set in the palm frond valley
with the humid wind bringing back all your memories
crowded with new ones you make every day
you breath a little subliminal.
his eyes moist with the heat,
the rounds of his specs tracing the contours
of your unimagined fantasies
his words tinkering your ear lobes
whispering those endearments
you have always longed to hear.
his khasak becomes your khasak
his amina becomes your amina
his history becomes your history.


khasakkinte itihasam- The Legends of khasak
khasak- Read here

O.V Vijayan’s death anniversary (March 30th) happens to fall five days before Vivie’s birthday (April 04). There is a common thread lying between O.V and V. To find it, you will need to find Khasak.